The Skyscraper Technique : Content Marketing for Link Builders in 2017


No matter how much efforts you put in to touch that magical traffic figure, there always remains a lag. This is one point when most of the SEO practitioners think of leaving the job in middle and finding a completely new approach to generating more & more traffic that the earlier one. Though there is nothing unusual in this methodology, it is necessary that the new path you embrace ensure fruitful outcomes both in the short as well long run. Learn What is Sky Scraper Technique today.

With competition soaring like never before, it might be extremely difficult for you to attain the right path towards success. This is because capturing the great attention of your audience is no easy task. The concept here is to search for an innovative, result-oriented, proven, and practically-viable content marketing strategy that could yield sustainable results by not only engaging existing customers but also attracting new ones.

When it comes to dig out the most sought after content type for your website, there are innumerable choices from infographics to video content, blogs and lots more. It is all up to you which category you pick in line to your other SEO efforts. Choosing the right way to stay in game is the key to success.

After a thorough research, I came out with a wonderful content marketing strategy popularly known as ‘Skyscraper Technique.’ One of my associates attained not less than 70K views on a single post. Do you believe? As per content marketing gurus, this strategy helps marketers in driving great amount of traffic from all sides.

To take a detailed look at the said approach, below is the elaborated version of the strategy for all the readers. The given checklist would help ensure that you don’t miss a single element during the course of this strategy.

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What’s the Skyscraper Technique? What makes it so successful in today’s landscape?

  • Demand is always there- By finding existing proven content, it has been already recognized that there is a great demand in the market for the given content topic. At this point of time, it is necessary to assess why that specific piece of content was so effective. Did it provide a solution for the audience? Did it entertain the audience?
  • It’s time to mess with a well-informed audience – Here it is necessary to understand that it is capability of yours to create something better than what you already have, you can do wonders to the final outcomes in the form of supreme levels of engagement. If the theme you pick is appropriate, it is recommended to carve out a target list of brands, journals, and influences who either pooled the previous piece or linked to it so you can reach out right away.
  • It has tremendous potential – Google has already started indexing the existing sources beautifully. In building something better than earlier, you should have the power to knock down that grown-up piece of content, outrank them, and get in more traffic — particularly if you want to win those superior quality backlinks by getting out.

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How this technique helped me attain 70K+ page views?

In the start of the year, I came across a blog post about a freshly launched freelance hourly rate calculator that was gaining immense acceptance in the relevant marketplace. In just a couple of weeks, it had been talked about or referred by almost every reputed online periodical, brand, and influence that has strong command on freelancing-related topics.

Mobile keyword researchThe company that promoted the blog got millions of shares and emerged out as a true winner in regard to search rankings. As this exact niche subject allied perfectly with much of the business content we usually develop, this was a wonderful opportunity to link to of the established demand and definite success of that prevailing piece of content.

Pinterest Marketing Strategy

Our concept was based on a hypothesis by providing same solution to freelancers who find it truly supportive in a much appealing and aesthetically-proven manner to make it a sure success.

To start with, I sat with my design team to find out innovative ways to prepare an infographic that could easily help the audience calculate the freelance hourly rate. In addition, my focus was also on distributing the piece feasibly across all leading platforms. To work on this, I researched about avenues that are immensely popular among freelancers who regularly come there to find out new tools and resources.

We speedily assembled an eBook on the necessary steps to promoting a freelance career. This was accomplished right before the launch of the infographic so that we could draw a topically appropriate call-to-action to the base of the post and get more leads for our freelance-linked courses.

After publishing is done, the infographic was a sure success with the current audience. From this point, we employed Buzz Sumo to determine all the other players and blogs who distribute and share content associated with ‘freelance hourly rates’ and reached out to each of them, probing whether they’d be ready for sharing or report a fabulously created element presenting our infographic.

Woohoo! The final outcome was in the form of 8,000 times and we achieved supreme success in regard to search term “freelance hourly rate.”

We’ve yielded a total of 70K+ page views and 3,500 fresh email subscriptions from this post since it was circulated, not to reference the dozens of respected backlinks and re-published forms of our infographic that continue to rank high on freelance-related sites all across the web.

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Checklist to make the most of ‘Skyscraper Technique’

Are you ready to check this technique right away?  If yes, check out the below checklist to get the most of it.

  1. Research & discover opportunitiesPinterest Marketing
  2. Create a list of probable publishing partners
  3. Develop engaging content
  4. Promote it to your target audience
  5. Reach out to relevant people
  6. Be attentive to surroundings
  1. Research & discover opportunities

Start with setting up Google alerts for keywords associated to the topics you wish to target. You can use BuzzSumo to research the elements and topics that got immense attention and explore opportunities based on search volumes using Google’s Keyword Planner or HubSpot’s Keyword App.

  1. Create a list of probable publishing partners

Begin with what you already have. Are there any blogs, brands, or influencers you come across that would exactly find this content piece engaging? Now, go back to Buzz Sumo and include other websites and influencers that have published or shared content same as yours. There is a huge probability that they possess an audience that would be interested in hearing about your fabulous fresh piece of content.

  1. Develop engaging content

If you think it’s time to do something new and difference from what your competitors are doing, you could choose to prepare an infographic, video or a detailed guide that tends to deliver more value. Have a look at content medium your audience engages majorly, and start by depending on the skills your firm is well versed with.

  1. Promote it to your target audience

Making that preliminary ring to your target audience is necessary to reflecting social evidence before expanding out to other influencers and brands. Publish your content on all leading social avenues along with your email list even with your employees.

  1. Reach out to relevant people

After you start gaging some value out of your existing piece of content, it’s time to go out and share with some prominent influencers, brands and bloggers who are ready to share and distribute your content. While doing so, make sure to exhibit real interest in them by staying very much clear by providing them with a sample copy that they can use further.

WordPress SEO Experts

  1. Be attentive to surroundings

Please note that over a period of time, the effectiveness of your content piece would slow down. New topics would emerge out and start gaining engagement than yours. To cope up with this, refresh your content by staying updated with the industry trends and topics that your audience would be interested in.

So, just try this ‘Skyscraper Technique,’ and share your views in the comments section below.

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