Understanding Bounce Rate And Ways To Reduce It Effectively


You get a good business website only after an extremely meticulous labor and the least you expect after this is lack of its search performance. There may be lots of reasons for this and one of the prominent is a high ‘bounce rate’ which denotes that you lag somewhere in terms of your strategies.

Are you really acquainted of what bounce rate is? Know this as you read along:

What is Bounce Rate?

When a user (for instance a customer, reader or prospect) visits a site and immediately leaves after viewing the content of the very first page of the same domain, this is known as bounce.

In other words, the bounce rate of a site is the percentage of the users who visit and exit on a similar page, without any clicks to the other pages of a site.

High Bounce denotes that a site does not possess a luring and well-organized landing page. Or else, it does not have a landing page at all, so that it creates CTA confusion for the home page.

As per the recommendations from Google, the website publishers should try to lower the bounce rates by modifying the landing pages with respect to the keywords.

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However, there are some other healthy methods to improve the bounce rates of your website, which are as follows:

Boost Your Content’s Readability:

If your site lacks an appropriate readability, be prepared to lose customers too. For a fruitful user experience, the content of your site should be legible and absolutely readable. Some of the ways to do this are:

  • Make use of headings and subheadings
  • Use bullet points to explain the concepts
  • Use optimized images, screenshots and quotes etc.
  • Get your keywords in bold appearance
  • Try to ask questions from your readers

Avoid Pop-Ups On Your Site:

Admit it that they are highly disturbing, even when they sound a bit profitable. Your customers getting disturbed by a pop-up ad may never visit any other page of your site, leading to a bounce and increase in your bounce rate.

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Keywords Of High-Value Traffic:

You might consult a national SEO company for your services, but keep track to target the keywords that have a high-value traffic. Keywords could enhance your content marketing a great deal and could also help to increase your search performance.

Improve The Load-Time Of Your Page:

How well does your page respond in a call? Is it taking too much time? If this happens, chances are that you experience high bounce rates. Therefore, it is better to improve your site speed and loading time etc.

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Append Links To Some Extra Pages Of Your Website:

Think of the other pages that lure the attention of people while reading a perfectly presented content. Link them throughout the content and you may see effective results in terms of reduction in your site’s bounce rate.

These are some of the best methods to improve the bounce rate of your website and generate huge leads. No doubt, these turn to effective conversions and offer you monetary benefits too.

Contact an efficient SEO company in India and you could get to know of the latest trends to perform the process in utter ease. All you need is negligible bounce rate; isn’t it?

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