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SEO Tips to Optimize eCommerce Websites in 2017

In order to reap the maximum advantage of today’s evolving online market, eCommerce is the way to go. Customers always love to order over web, and buyers always prefer to display their products on web to deliver a magnificent user experience altogether.

With global eCommerce sales set at more than $12 trillion and are all set to grow more and more.SEO For Ecommerce Websites

This figure clearly indicates how much potential this segment has in its womb. But when it comes to give required visibility to your eCommerce portal, things are not as easy as you think of. This is because SEO for eCommerce portals is a bit different than the usual SEO approach. It is very much necessary to resort to best SEO practices that have the capability to drive more traffic to your portal in a sustainable manner.

Let’s takes a look at some of the proven SEO strategies for eCommerce websites:

1: Decoding the eCommerce Model

Though you may come across a range of eCommerce business models, there is one thing common among all of them and that is the working cycle of your products and how your prospective customers perceive them.

To decode this, the most promising way is to curate fine quality content that can drive visitors to your portal.

Make a SMART goal – Things tend to start from here. Make sure the gold you set is realistic and flexible and it must be:

Specific – Go for real numbers with genuine deadlines. Don’t stay wage.

Measurable – Don’t forget to ensure that you can track the progress of your process at any point of time.

Achievable – It doesn’t mean that you set a goal too low as it must be challenging enough to encourage you.

Realistic – Be genuine to yourself by realizing what your team is capable of achieving.

Time-bound – Set a deadline for yourself as that will help you change your stance at any point of time.

The most important to consider is not to set goals that are indistinct or impractical. For example, decide a target of 10K blog visitors in next one month. If you’re a beginner, go with smaller targets.

Advantages of having an online store – Before you begin with your specific SEO strategy, it is recommended to understand the benefits of an online store. Today, many brick and mortar stores have switched to online market stores due to great benefits associated with them.

Some of the prominent benefits associated with it include:

  • Lesser cost of start-up
  • Potential customer reach
  • Feasible to change strategy
  • Measurable outcomes

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2: Develop a user-centric ecommerce site

This is certainly the most promising way to get what you want. Always put customer as the center of all you do and see what value it would bring to your venture.

It gains more relevance after the recent Hummingbird algorithm update that affected millions of websites worldwide.

Do a research on what makes your customers happy and pay close attention to meta titles, descriptions, page content and blog.

In terms of design, go for interactive one that gives a synchronized experience to both desktop as well as mobile users. A well-thought design triggers a healthier communication between the buyer and the seller.

3: More about eCommerce SEO

There is hardly any doubt about the fact that gaining visibility on search engines is the key to success in today’s competitive online market place. And competing with big guns like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal and others is truly challenging. Isn’t it?

Though you can drive traffic from social media pages to the store, but it is not too much effective and sustainable. If you’re determined towards making your eCommerce store really popular on web, there are a few things you can work on.

  1. Understand customer buying cycle – There are various stages in this cycle and in order to make the right impact, it is necessary to adopt the right strategy at the right stage. These stages are awareness, research, comparison, purchase, and retention.
  1. Start with product research keywords – This is where everything branches out. A customer typically types the product name to find out the selling avenues. Your store’s presence is must at this point so as to set the ground for further stages. The best way to do well here is to refer to Google AdWords Keyword Planner.

    Sign in there and search for the most relevant keywords related to the product you’re targeting. This is definitely an easier and effective way to find result-oriented keywords ideas for the product pages on your store.

  1. Choose long-tail keywords – By choosing long-tail keywords over short-tail ones along with superior quality content, you can choose to do wonders to your store.

    There are two main categories emerge out here – informational intent and commercial intent. Go for the later one in this case.

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  1. Pick matching informational keywords – Many customers want to learn first about the products you’re offering. Keeping this in mind, it is recommended to choose informational keywords that would aim to inform, educate and teach such potential buyers in an engaging way. And don’t forget to create engaging & interesting content around those keywords to initiate conversation.
  1. Keywords research tools – Besides using Google Keyword Planner, there are various other keyword research tools available that could be of great use. A few of them include:
  • Keyword Tool Dominator

4.On-page User Optimization

In today’s eCommerce landscape, user-centric optimization is extremely crucial.

Besides targeting Google’s algorithm, another promising way to attract more business is to target people as satisfied customers always work as the most effective promotional tools for any business especially an online store.

You could start with social media that acts as a great conversational tool in today’s fast-paced world. From asking product related queries to submitting reviews to making complaints, social media has emerges out a great way to spread the word.

Another aspect to user optimization is to do PPC which is considered the best customer acquisition tool among 85% of online retailers.

There are various other factors that play a crucial role in determining search engine rankings of your eCommerce store such as your site speed, category page optimization, and product page optimization etc.

To manage all of them, you can refer to following solutions such as

  1. Make unique product descriptions
  2. Maintain keyword-friendly URLs
  3. Create blog page
  4. Homepage optimization
  5. Prefer a big banner line on product & category pages
  6. Make a clear call-to-action
  7. Manage canonical tags

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There could be several other strategies available to give required visibility to your eCommerce store. However, you can choose to start with the above mentioned ones that would bring more quality traffic to your store in a remarkable way.

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