SEO Disasters

How To Prevent The Unpredictable

Do you see your site to lose visitors all of a sudden? While most of the SEO problems have an instant fix, to keep these types of issues at minimum level, you need to take care of a few essential precautionary measures.

When the traffic loss is just because of a recent update released like that of the Google Panda’s then the problem can be something serious to fix and it takes time for the site to regain back the same rankings once again. On the other hand, if the traffic lost is just because of other reasons then you have to first identify the problem. For example is the site is not getting traffic from only a particular source, like Google or yahoo or bing, then it goes to show that there is a small technical glitch that wants to be fixed readily at once.


Sometimes it could just be a small bug that is sitting pretty on the title tags or the Meta tags or the descriptions that might instruct the search engine crawlers to simple ignore all the pages of the site. It means potential loss of traffic from that particular search engine and that can be fixed instantly by removing the bug at once.

This is not a minor issue if it is not rightly identified readily in time. Yet, there is a lot of discretion in the ways how equipped you are, and how attentive you are at your work being a webmaster. When you look at the problem, you must focus with clarity in mind with a keen eye for details. When you do that, you can see tiny bugs like a blunder, which may be overlooked easily by the rest of the peers in the industry. Thus, SEO disasters, can really be prevented when you have that vision in you.

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