SEO Checklist 2017- A Step By Step Guide for SEO Beginners

SEO checklist 2017

Are you planning to offer SEO Services to your clients in 2017 but don’t know how to start. Then this article is only for you. Let’s have a look and let me know if i missed anything.

When we get any project then first thing should come in our mind is “Research”

We can do following activities in this step:

Mobile keyword research

  1. Market Research
  2. Competitor Research
  3. Niche Research
  4. Keyword Research

After gathering all the data we should move to On Page SEO.

What is On Page?

On Page SEO– In this process we make changes in our website backend to make that user and search engine friendly.

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Meta Tags:
Meta Tags are the most important thing in SEO. There are some limitations when we create Meta Tags for any website. Title should have 55 to 65 Characters and Description should have 150 to 165 characters. We should mention our keywords in Title and Description to let Google know what content users can find on the page.

Google Analytics and Search Console Setup: Google Analytics is a tool of Google to monitor website stats like Traffic, Conversion, Bounce rate and pages views etc.

Google Webmaster/Google Search Console: With the help of Google Search Console we can track our rankings and errors on our website. Its shows us errors like 404 and any manual actions from Google. We should check all the details and try to remove any error if present on website.

Robots.txt: With the help of robots.txt file we can block any folder on our website. If you have any folder or any specific page which you think should not be crawled by Google crawlers then you can do it from Robots.txt.

Sitemap Creation: Create XML sitemap and add that to website.

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Content Optimization: Content is the king today if you are going to do SEO. So check your web content and make that relevant. You can do this by checking keyword density and keywords frequency in the content.

URL Structure: URLs should be SEO friendly. If we are going to do Local SEO then create URLs like: /cleaning-services-vancouver

Internal Linking: Internal linking is very important part of content optimization. It reduces bounce rate of any website and will increase page views.

Nofollow to all Outgoing links: You should place a no-follow to all outgoing links to save your website’s link juice.

Schema: With the help of schema we can show our reviews on our products. It increases CTR of any website by showing reviews.

AMP:  AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is the latest Google Recommendation for website owners. There are few plugins in wordpress we can use to increase the speed of web pages.

Mobile friendlyMobile Responsiveness: Google recommends website owners to create responsive website for all devices because mobile searches are increasing day by day and people use mobile all day.

Canonical Check:  You should check website for Canonical issues like website should be open with only one url. If it’s opening with www and without www then you should fix this error.

Heading and Alt Tags: Heading tags on pages help search engine crawlers to under the content on page. It’s a very important factor in SEO. All Images should have proper Alt Tags because Google crawlers don’t read images.

All these are On page Factors to be considered when doing On Page. Now we can move to Off Page SEO.

Off Page SEO: In Off Page SEO we create inbound backlinks from Good Domain Authority websites by using White Hat SEO Techniques. Now you have one question in your mind and that is “how to create backlinks”

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There are many ways to create backlinks for any website:

Let’s have a look on Off Page SEO Activities:

1: With The Help of Backlinks Analysis Tools: Use any backlinks analysis tool to find competitor backlinks and the resources they are linked with. After getting the backlinks you can try to place your links there. There are many tools to analyze backlinks like Ahrefs, Moz, Screaming frog etc.

2: Outreach:  You can find the topics which are related to your industry and try to write longer than your competitors and then try to find 404 links with the help of backlinks analysis tool and ask website owners to post your content on his website as you have written better than your competitor’s they are giving link.

3: Do a Link Intersect Check:  This is a way you can one source from where your competitors are getting backlinks but you are linking from there yet. You can also create backlink for your website from that source as they are providing links to your competitors.

4: Join Relevant Board on Pinterest: Join relevant group on Pinterest as its one of the best social media platforms people use.

5: Submit to Slideshare: You can create presentation about your products and services your offer and share on Slideshare.

6: Forum Posting and Q&A Website: Join industry related forums and start answering there to help people but don’t use signature link. You can also join Quora and other Q&A websites to drive traffic.

There are many other ways to get backlinks like blog commenting, Image sharing link, Infographic sharing link, article directories links etc.

If you have more ideas then share in comments so i can include them in my next blog post.

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