How to make the use of Pinterest to strengthen your SEO efforts?


Pinterest Marketing Strategy

Pinterest MarketingOver the past few years, several social media platforms have emerged out in the market that has enabled marketers to get more precise on targeting their potential customers. The high level of engagement associated with these social media platforms not only drive more sales but establish a healthy communication with both potential as well as existing customers.

From knowing latest information to catching up with friends on web, social media channels have opened a new and powerful avenue for people to stay engaged anytime anywhere. Some of the leading social media channels include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn etc. irrespective of the real objective, a great majority of people spend a lot of time on social networks.

Now comes the most important thing – how it affects the brands. Though most people don’t know about its power on the SEO front, today there are numerous brands out there make a smart use of these social media channels to give a strong push to their products & services in today’s competitive market landscape.

Among various social media channels, Pinterest is an extremely popular network that allows marketers and people to target your customers by posting media such as images, videos or articles. The most obvious reason behind the inclination of people towards Pinterest is its feasibility associated with the pinning of images, videos and articles and making them viral. In today’s fast-paced networks, Pinterest presents a fabulous way to augment quality SEO traffic on your site. We would like to you to check what our Pinterest Marketing Expert shares with us. Let’s have a look at some tips that could be of great use in making the optimum use of Pinterest for SEO activities

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  1. Use extremely researched and targeted keywords

In any SEO strategy big or small, keyword is the most inherent thing. If you’ve already involved SEO activating, understanding this term and its implication is not a big thing. As the process of search engines revolves around keywords, it is important to put targeted keywords in such a manner to ensure optimum results.

For example, you can use those finely selected keywords in your pin descriptions, categories associated with your pins, and in the profile data that would ensure that you get more traffic and increase in followers. If you manage to employ keywords effectively, you could easily drive targeted audience to locate your pins.

  1. Link Building

BulbeIn recent times, the popularity of Pinterest has only risen that has resulted into more chances of getting success. In fact, it is important that you never miss a chance to attract quality traffic to your website. It is already mentioned that pins are a great way to place your targeted keywords at the right place to drive more traffic to your website.

Pinterest enables social media optimisation professionals to embed link URL to the description of image posted on the platform. One just needs to include the URL of your website and attentive visitors will definitely click on link to procure more& relevant information. A large number of people pin that tend to be extremely useful but they generally don’t add URL of the website. This results into a significant loss of great amount of targeted visitors to their website.

For those who add their targeted page URL with images and offers tend to get no-follow backlinks on Pinterest. It is important to keep in mind that social indications and the popularity of Pinterest has nowhere related to the ranking. This is because they belong to no follow links in any form.

  1. Employ tools to pin your content

It takes both time and efforts to stay active on social media and it becomes more challenging if there are many social platforms to work upon. Considering this point, digital marketers make the use of smart tools and software to feasibly manage their social media activities such as posts scheduling, updation of posts on multiple platforms, and adding or delinking people etc.

Some of the leading social media management tools include IFTTT, Buffer, and Hootsuite that help marketers pin their images or schedule their images on any given time. The biggest advantage of these tools is that they help people save great amount of time and efforts in doing regular activities that would otherwise east up a lot of time. The same time can be utilized for other planning activities.

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  1. Community building

Pinterest MarketingWhen it comes to social media management, it is all about promoting your business and its offerings. Therefore, to become successful on this medium, it is necessary to stay active and consistent on these platforms. Another advantage of this is related to community building. Similar to Facebook groups and pages, there are “boards” on Pinterest. It is generally recommended to target some focused boards. This would help you connect with other users and share/re-pin other pins.

Another important thing to keep in mind while establishing contacts on Pinterest or any other social networking portal is to comment on each other’s pin. However, it is necessary to make original comment and not just spam. Once you manage to build the community, you would be able to drive your contacts to visit your website and that would eventually result into bringing more and more traffic.

  1. Establishing links to other social media channels

When you chose to pin an image on Pinterest, the platform provides you an option to share it on other social media channels such as Facebook or Twitter. However, one can choose to update social media networks using his or her Pinterest profile URL in order to let his followers can add him on Pinterest too.

For more feasibility, it is also better to ad PIN IT widget on website to allow any visitor on the website such as any image they can choose to pin it in no time with just a click. By doing this, you would be able to establish links to other websites that would bring more traffic to the Pinterest page and this is certainly good for SEO.

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  1. Engaging images and description

As Pinterest is a social media platform that revolves heavily around images, and pictures say a lot as compared to words. If you wish to make the most out of Pinterest for your business, the first thing you need to do is to share quality images. But there is one thing that shouldn’t be underestimated and that is the content around those images that emerge in the form of image descriptions.

To add more ease, you can resort to various tools such as PicMonkey or iPiccy that would help you create quality content around the images on Pinterest.

While working on Pinterest, one can choose to adopt from a range of strategies that are known to deliver awesome results in the form of  top search engine rankings.

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