Giving a Competitive Edge to your e-Commerce Store

Being a leading SEO services provider, ST-Infosystems has the necessary expertise on working on various eCommerce platforms and OpenCart is one of them. OpenCart is a free open source e-Commerce platform and allows businesses to create low-cost, effective e-Commerce website hassle-free. Originally designed to support easy setup and use, OpenCart has been loaded with various features such as multiple payment gateways and shipping methods along with integration of multiple stores with a single back end.

The OpenCart platform has many other useful features like enabling users to set up their websites based on a wide range of design templates, which can be modified and customized rather than having to code separate pages.


OpenCart also allows for unlimited expansion of categories, products, and more. Moreover, sales reports can be easily generated to show users which products are viewed and purchased which gives you important information on which products are being looked over so you can better optimize and display those products to attain higher conversion rates. OpenCart has extra features and functionality that can be achieved through purchasing and installing extensions and modules.

At ST-Infosystems, our OpenCart SEO services are designed in such a way to make your business more competitive by attaining additional traffic and sales to your website. We do this by focusing on targeted keywords, content and links that are widely considered by Google for awarding high SERPs.

Our strategy to perform SEO for Opencart is the same for every other platform we work on. After determining the keywords that need to be targeted, we first optimize your site to make it more SEO friendly. This is done by adding uniquely developed content which is written by our in-house writing experts. We also optimize other on-site specifics like meta-tags and descriptions, canonical tags, and many other elements. After your web site is completely stepped up and SEO-friendly, we create content-heavy links to a vast range of useful domains. Depending on the keywords targeted, and the status of your site, there could be lot other strategies we can use to help attenuate your site authority and keyword rankings like social media, product and site reviews, and more.

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