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All of us know that WordPress is the most sought after content management system these days, but when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for WordPress site, things seem to lose ground in reality. Since its evolution, SEO remains a hot topic in the related system. WordPress SEO is a bit different from typical optimization process basis the fact that most of its actions are automated. If you think your WordPress developers are not turning the right side of SEO on your site, it’s time to look for an SEO expert for WordPress site.

WordPress SEO Expert

Hiring an expert has lots of advantages. First, he would be responsible for bringing traffic on your website and second, an expert would give you genuine suggestions on making relevant changes on your end to get desired optimization results.

The very first thing a SEO expert for WordPress does is that he focuses on optimizing the permalink (URL that redirects to a specific entry in a particular website). The primary permalink is SEO unfriendly and for best WordPress SEO results, you should ensure that the title of the pages and posts is used in the URL. Regular SEO experts often ignore the importance of pages like About Us, Contact Us, Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. But from WordPress point of view, these pages are of extreme importance and result in increasing both your traffic as well as the brand value.

Next thing to check for is to install XML sitemap generator, which acts the directory to your website and tends to help search engine crawlers crawl through your website. Yahoo and Bing also have their XML sitemaps, which you can view and give them a try. To create user engagement, it is necessary to enable commenting on your website as they play a pivotal role in pushing your website on search engines.

Don’t forget to embed social media links to your website or blog. Social media marketing supports WordPress development and increases your website visibility on various search avenues. It is an easy task and can be done by integrating Facebook and Twitter to your website and also get traffic from these sources. Last but not the least; try to publish high quality content. This is a universal fact that content is the king and this sits well for WordPress SEO efforts.

Considering above points in mind while optimizing a WordPress site will bring momentum to your SEO efforts in a great way.

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