How to get back your website to life from a Google penalty?


There is no doubt that there needs enormous amounts of time and efforts to build a strong reputation of your website on web and it becomes really heart-broken when it gets hit by a Google penalty. The entire efforts go in vain in any such case. But this necessarily doesn’t mean the end of the road.

Many times, people don’t get to know about the penalty which makes it extremely hard to recover their website from any such penalty.

Let’s have a look at different types of penalties that Google imposes on websites due to wrong SEO practices. The below information would help you recover your website from the depth of penalty in an effective and sustainable way. First know what a penalty is.

What is actually a penalty?

What is actually a penaltyA penalty refers to the flagging off your by the Google review team, or it gets affected in a negative way due to a latest algorithm updated by Google. The most common signs of penalty include drop in the SERPS, witnessing less traffic, or sometimes indexing of website in extreme situations.

There is no doubt the penalties are horrible for online businesses as they tend to bring down the overall business value of the same in a deeper way.

What types of penalties actually exist?

There are primarily two types of penalties – manual and algorithmic

In each category, there could be various reasons that may penalize your site. Some of the prominent ones are listed below.

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Manual Penalty

A manual penalty refers to the situation where Google’s spam team red marks your website, generally for violating one or more of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

To ascertain if your website has been manually penalized, log in to the Google Search Console and have a look to check if you have any new messages. If you don’t see any warnings or messages, it’s doubtful that there imposed a manual penalty on your site.

In most of the cases, manual penalties are imposed due to improper backlink profile. The three most general kinds of manual penalties include:

“Unnatural links to your site – impacts links”

Unnatural links to your site

This simply refers to the point that Google found unnatural links pointing to your site, but it doesn’t seem like you had a role in making those links.

The unnatural links won’t clear link juice to your site any more, but you don’t really have to get into anything to “recover” from such penalty.

In few cases, this “penalty” is meant to fight harmful SEO. A competitor may point to hundreds of spam links to your domain in order to through your site out of the SERPs, but as per Google, this penalty should take effect and make sure that you don’t end up getting suffered due to an activity done by a competitor.

“Unnatural links to your site”

This penalty is very much similar to the first one, except in this situation, you’ll be held responsible behind the existence of unnatural links.

This penalty tends to affect your whole site or a few specific pages, basis the space of your unnatural links.

The unnatural links penalty generally imposed as an outcome of purchasing backlinks, reciprocal links, link swapping and other melancholy link building rehearses.

“Unnatural links sourcing from your website”

It is just the opposite of the first one.

This penalty is imposed if Google observes that you’re making outbound links too often, pointing to the same site with exact match anchor text recurrently, or following unscrupulous linking practices.

This one also affects your whole website or just a few selected pages.

How to recover from manual penalty?

Fortunately, there are numerous ways available that could help you get your site out of this penalty.

As it is quite clear that these penalties are mostly link-oriented, you can take a considerate look at the situation as compared to dealing with other penalties.

The first thing to do is to check for the presence of any such penalties and tackle the issue. For example, if too many spam links are the problem, try to get rid of them in a sustainable way.

On the other hand, if you find yourself unable to determine the real cause behind penalty, the only way to go out is to go deeper.

The first step is to delving deeper into the anchor text of your incoming links. You can make the use of one or many free and paid tools such as AHREFS, SEM rush, and others. It is important to understand there Google doesn’t prefer exact match anchor text.

Algorithmic Penalty

As its name indicates, this penalty takes effect when Google make changes in its algorithm. In most of the cases, this happens as an outcome of a latest algorithm update, or “data refreshes” of earlier algorithm updates.

Algorithm-based penalties are found to be difficult to detect as compared to manual penalties there is no Search Console message that would inform you that your site’s been penalized.

The only visible symptom of this penalty is a sudden drop in your site traffic.

The most sought after way to keep a check on the algorithm-based penalties is to stay aware in regard to Google algorithm updates. There could be lots of resources available on web that can help you track Google algorithm updates, and Google itself will definitely inform you about massive updates.

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There two major types of algorithmic penalties – Panda and Penguin

Panda Penalty

How to recover from manual penalty

This penalty actually affects low-quality websites that don’t feature rich content and value-driven approach to its visitors. The primary objective of Panda penalty is to promote superior quality content. If Google determine that your website has reedy content, and doesn’t deliver value, is incorrectly influential, a Panda data update will result into drop in your website’s search rankings.

This penalty is known to be highly dangerous as it may affect your site’s entire rankings for longer periods.

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Another algorithmic penalty is Penguin that targets bad links. It actually checks the overall link quality of your website as how your website procures and retains links, and how rich your website’s link profile is.

If penguin suspects the presence of unnatural links, your site is more likely to get penalized.

Contrary to its counterpart Panda, a Penguin penalty tends to affect only specific pages. But, since the pages affected are generally the ones with more number of backlinks, most sites hit with a Penguin penalty lose up great amount of traffic.

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Mobile friendlyTill date, Google has revealed out two major “mobile-friendliness” algorithm refreshes with the objective of ranking websites that feature newer way to become mobile-ready.

This one is feasible to identify as compared to other algorithm updates because Google gives webmasters with an easy to use mobile-friendliness test that will easily notify then what status their websites have.

How to recover from an algorithmic penalty

Though these algorithmic penalties are very much different from one another, the best way to tackle them is to rectify the underlying issue and wait.

Google tends to execute data updates of these algorithms once every few months, and your affected site won’t come back until a data refresh governs that the site needs to get free from a penalty.

In recent times, a large number of websites have got affected from these penalties and this considered being a great threat to websites in present times. This is because there is no clear information on when the next data refresh would happen. This makes it necessary to check and correct algorithmic penalties as soon as possible.

If your website is fir by penguin penalty, the recovery process is not very much different from the ways adopted in manual penalty, expect you can’t make a reassessment application. The best way is to check the harm-causing links and get them detached.

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