SEO For Shopify Website

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Do You Own Shopify Website?

We have done SEO for several Shopify websites and got great results. SEO for an e-commerce site is different than normal site, because you will find lots of categories and sub-categories in Shopify websites. You need to optimize all those to make it profitable. Don’t forget the product page.


Keyword research will play a major role in e-commerce sites because you need to target relevant and good keywords for category, sub-category and product pages. Meta tags are also very important to get higher CTR (click through rate).

Google Loves Quality And We Too.

Keyword balancing, backlink balancing, anchor text of backlinks, quality of inbound links all are important. Domain and page authority should increase of the site. We will do onpage and offpage both to make your Shopify website search engine friendly. You will get reports twice in a month.

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